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Living Australian 2009/2010

Now locked in the vault, is the inaugural Living Australian Online Photography Competition in 2009/2010. It was a competition that encouraged Aussies to use photography to explore how they were ‘Living Australian’. The entries were phenomenal!

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  1. Aussie pride by Dwayne McDonald, WA

  2. Aussie pride by Dwayne McDonald, WA

  3. Denmark beaches WA by Dwayne McDonald, WA

  4. The Surfy by Amy McDonald, NSW

  5. Rain Dance by Amy McDonald, NSW

  6. Mums Aussie Roast by Joanne McDonald, NSW

  7. Water fights by Joanne McDonald, NSW

  8. The most important Aussie... by Joanne McDonald, NSW

  9. Mowing Day Sculpture by Joanne McDonald, NSW

  10. The "Concentration Face" by Amy Cribb, QLD

  11. Sanctuary by Amy Cribb, QLD

  12. Picture Perfect Sunset by Amy Cribb, QLD

  13. Bundaberg Brewery by Amy Cribb, QLD

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