Living Australian 2009/2010

Now locked in the vault, is the inaugural Living Australian Online Photography Competition in 2009/2010. It was a competition that encouraged Aussies to use photography to explore how they were ‘Living Australian’. The entries were phenomenal!

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  1. bondi sunrise 1 by michelle kitzler, NSW

  2. summer crowds by michelle kitzler, NSW

  3. kids pool by michelle kitzler, NSW

  4. rock pool ripples by michelle kitzler, NSW

  5. Brothers by Michelle Leeding, VIC

  6. Edens Breathtaking Sunset... by Michelle Leeding, VIC

  7. Being Able to Laugh by Michelle Tyhuis, QLD

  8. Bonza Beach by Michelle Tyhuis, QLD

  9. Discovering Each Other by Michelle Tyhuis, QLD

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