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Living Australian 2009/2010 Finalists

Australia Day Council of NSW had the formidable task of selecting the top 20 finalists from 1084 inspirational entries received from across the country!

  1. Living Australian is about Famil... Mike Gore, NSW

  2. Medals Jean-Jacques Halans, NSW

  3. Leap Of Faith Kerryn Leworthy, QLD

  4. Future heroes Stephen West, QLD

  5. Digby Russell Shaw, WA

  6. The Farmers Dot Radley, NSW

  7. Backyard Rain Rachel Devine, VIC

  8. Mollymook Surf Swimmers Dean Dampney, NSW

  9. Living the Aussie Dream Thom Stovern, NSW

  10. Doing it tough Andy Hurcombe, NSW

  11. summer lovin darren martin, NSW

  12. Along The Board Judy Goggin, NSW

  13. Gotcha Brian Luckins, NSW

  14. A Symbol of Australia Lesley Walter, NSW

  15. Surf on Mars? Ben Grozier, NSW

  16. The Winner Andrew Millner, QLD

  17. Heart Reef Great Barrier Reef Wh... Janette Rodgers, QLD

  18. Dedicated in Melbourne Narelle Spangher, NSW

  19. Heroes In The Sky Carly Hearn, NSW

  20. Into the straight Patrick Kenny, NSW