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Reel Australia 2011/2012

Reel Australia called on Aussies from all walks of life to create a short film celebrating our national spirit - exploring the theme 'Make Your Mark Australia', and how Australians contribute locally, nationally and globally.

  1. A Noble Life by Damian Madden, NSW

  2. Adventure Australia by Gary Crockett, QLD

  3. All Walks Of Life by Tim Folk, VIC

  4. At The Beach by rose mcgreevy, NSW

  5. aussie beach everyone's b... by Peter Dunn, NSW

  6. AussieSTARS Driving Test by andrew hill, NSW

  7. Australia by Louis Mavropoulos, SA

  8. Australia Is... by Melissa Davis, NSW

  9. Goodbye Sydney by Ben Claremont, NSW

  10. Land of Sun and Surf by Daniel Rodway, NSW

  11. Let's Celebrate Australia by James Trotter, QLD

  12. Luna Park Take Your Mark by Ged Quinn, NSW

  13. Our Australia by Mark Turner, WA

  14. Our Australia by Riley O'Rourke, NSW

  15. Pictures of Me by Anna B Rasztabiga, NSW

  16. Summertime splash, swim a... by Alicja Borciuch, NSW

  17. Sydney Ferry Ride by Raoul Isidro, NSW

  18. The Don by Annette Krause, NSW

  19. The people by Amy O'Connell, SA

  20. The Sum of Our Parts by Nicholas Ryan, NSW

  21. This Sunburnt Country by Nikki Austin, NSW

  22. Train From Central Statio... by Raoul Isidro, NSW

  23. 'WE ALL MAKE OUR MARK AUS... by Susan Williams, QLD

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