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Living Australian 2011/2012

Living Australian was a national photography competition encouraging Aussies from all walks of life to explore the theme ‘Make Your Mark Australia’, and how Australians contribute locally, nationally and globally.

  1. Island Holiday by Asa Simard, QLD

  2. Reflections by Maree Cassimatis, NSW

  3. Country Drive by Maree Cassimatis, NSW

  4. Sydney's Majesty by Kelly Bransgrove, NSW

  5. The Trek by Emily Raper, NSW

  6. Make Your Mark! by brigette gollasch, NSW

  7. Dusty Days by brigette gollasch, NSW

  8. Two Worlds, One Land by Kelly Bransgrove, NSW

  9. Dedication to a Good Meal by Shannon Ryan, QLD

  10. do u think i am pretty en... by kayleigh schroder, NSW

  11. moolicious by kayleigh schroder, NSW

  12. Aussies can do anything by patrick may, NSW

  13. The Chinese Gardens by Daniel Phan, NSW

  14. Mates by Elliot Kahl, NSW

  15. Spark by Grace Boyce-Carnus, NSW

  16. Peace & Tranquility - A T... by Allister claasz, NSW

  17. A Sheep's Life by Leah Kneipp, NSW

  18. Past Reflection by Leah Kneipp, NSW

  19. Every Flower Blooms. by keely donovan, NSW

  20. Sydney weather by samantha thuringer, NSW

  21. A Quiet Little Spot Out I... by Chantelle Mills, NSW

  22. The Harbour's darkside. by Jake O'Shea, NSW

  23. Tranquility on a Farm by Chantelle Mills, NSW

  24. Making your Mark by Josip Pavic, NSW

  25. Winter at Treachery Beach by Henry Hughes, NSW

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