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Living Australian 2011/2012

Living Australian was a national photography competition encouraging Aussies from all walks of life to explore the theme ‘Make Your Mark Australia’, and how Australians contribute locally, nationally and globally.

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  1. Beachy clean fun by Kelly Davis, NSW

  2. Afternoon at the Oval by Kelly Bransgrove, NSW

  3. Two Worlds, One Land by Kelly Bransgrove, NSW

  4. A Wattlegrove Sunset by Kelly Bransgrove, NSW

  5. Goodbye Tasmania by Kelly Crooks, NSW

  6. Sunrise in the Blue Mount... by Kelly Crooks, NSW

  7. Monkey Business by Kelly Brydon, NSW

  8. Dancing in Unity by Kelly Brydon, NSW

  9. Nice View! by Kelly Toman, NSW

  10. Sydney's Majesty by Kelly Bransgrove, NSW

  11. Sunrise in the Air by Stephanie Newman, NSW

  12. Grandpa by Stephanie Newman, NSW

  13. Blessed by Stephanie Kelly, NSW

  14. Twinkle toes by Stephanie Kelly, NSW

  15. Blissed out by Stephanie Kelly, NSW

  16. Nipper Charlie by Stephanie Kelly, NSW

  17. Nipperette by Stephanie Kelly, NSW

  18. Love is all you need by Stephanie Kelly, NSW

  19. Nipperettes by Stephanie Kelly, NSW

  20. Desert Oaks by Stephanie Stengel, VIC

  21. Kata Tjuta by Stephanie Stengel, VIC

  22. The Fence by Stephanie Stengel, VIC

  23. Rainbow Beach by Stephanie Stengel, VIC

  24. Union Lane by Stephanie Stengel, VIC

  25. A Place To Relax by Stephanie Stengel, VIC

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