Living Australian 2011/2012

Living Australian was a national photography competition encouraging Aussies from all walks of life to explore the theme ‘Make Your Mark Australia’, and how Australians contribute locally, nationally and globally.

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  1. Now I am three I can fly by Maureen Smith, NSW

  2. Blue skies by Maureen Smith, NSW

  3. Great Grandma, and me (5... by Maureen Smith, NSW

  4. Gone fishing by Maureen Smith, NSW

  5. Canola kids by karen ford, NSW

  6. The Circle of Life by Clara Smith, NSW

  7. Sunset Nippers by Catherine Smith, NSW

  8. Just because you can not ... by karen ford, NSW

  9. Road trip, another long d... by karen ford, NSW

  10. Looking through the fence... by karen carney, NSW

  11. The Darkening surf by Clara Smith, NSW

  12. Umbrellas of nature. by karen carney, NSW

  13. Boulders of Burden by karen carney, NSW

  14. A Handprint on the World by karen carney, NSW

  15. If only I could Fly by karen carney, NSW

  16. A Child's Innocence by karen carney, NSW

  17. A little bit of Silly by karen carney, NSW

  18. Jake and the City by Gabbie Smith, NSW

  19. Where Angels hang by Gabbie Smith, NSW

  20. Charity Convoy for Camp Q... by karen carney, NSW

  21. An Insect of Curiosity by karen carney, NSW

  22. Wyangla Dam Reflections by karen carney, NSW

  23. Colourful Aussies by Maureen Smith, NSW

  24. Ready, set.... by Maureen Smith, NSW

  25. Why slide when you can fl... by Maureen Smith, NSW

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