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Living Australian 2010/2011

The ADCNSW and Australia Post were both thrilled with the quality and creativity of the 3350 images received this year. The Living Australian Stamp Series is available for purchase from 5 July 2011 at Australia Post retail outlets.

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  1. Bubble O' Bliss by Rebecca Watson, NSW

  2. Spot On by Rebecca Watson, NSW

  3. Fly By by Rebecca Watson, NSW

  4. Tucker Time by Rebecca Watson, NSW

  5. Go The Blues by Rebecca Bugeja, NSW

  6. Not a worry in the world.... by Rebecca Bugeja, NSW

  7. Shall we Dance? by Suzanne Wilson, ACT

  8. Best friend by david hall, NSW

  9. Long hot summer by Cheryl Hall, NSW

  10. Australia Day Cousins by Cheryl Hall, NSW

  11. Apple Blossoms by Rebecca Diepenheim, VIC

  12. Picture at Hanging Rock by Rebecca Diepenheim, VIC

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