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Living Australian 2010/2011

The ADCNSW and Australia Post were both thrilled with the quality and creativity of the 3350 images received this year. The Living Australian Stamp Series is available for purchase from 5 July 2011 at Australia Post retail outlets.

  1. " A bird's life" by Annette Baggerman, NSW

  2. " Race You To Rotto! " by Susy Keys, VIC

  3. "...Of droughts and flood... by Keli Roberts-Frost, NSW

  4. "BREWFECT" coffee by Carolyn Morley, NSW

  5. "Freedom of the bush" by Jodi Chamen, NSW

  6. "Northam Lights" by Jessie Woolley, WA

  7. "oh what a feeling!" by Lysa Carr, QLD

  8. "Picnic Back 'O Bourke" by Sue Winkworth, NSW

  9. "See you in six weeks!" by Sue Winkworth, NSW

  10. "This is the life" by Annette Baggerman, NSW

  11. "Where the Wild Things Ar... by Isabelle Freckelton, NSW

  12. (here i am again) please ... by joyce chapman, NSW

  13. 1 Aussie 'chick' and 4 bi... by Patricia Honeyfield, NSW

  14. 3 Little Monkeys - Just H... by Tricia Wilkinson, NSW

  15. 4x4 Freedom by Susan Beaton, NSW

  16. 5 Lands Walk to Avoca by Paula Stewart, NSW

  17. 6 Blue Bikes by Suzanne Puls, VIC

  18. A Balancing Act by Jillaine Duve, NSW

  19. A Beacon to the World by Matt Ryan, NSW

  20. A Beautiful Day by cameron mcintyre, NSW

  21. A Beautiful World by Brent Mounser, NSW

  22. A Cold & Foggy Morning by Michael Ciantar, NSW

  23. A community comes togethe... by Saskia Barnes, NSW

  24. A cut above the rest! by Gemma Elliott, SA

  25. A day at the beach by brian cuffe, NSW

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