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Reel Australia 2010/2011

Reel Australia 2010/2011

Congratulations to all Reel Australia entrants, for their outstanding contribution to the national discussion on 'Who We Are' as a nation. The ADCNSW would like to thank everybody who entered and voted in the Reel Australia Short Film Competition.

About this Campaign

This national short film competition, launched by the Australia Day Council of NSW in association with the Australian Film Institute, was open to all aspiring film and digital content creators across the country. Filmmakers showcased Who We Are as a nation as they explored the Reel Australia.

Competition Details

Michael Allen's film 'Something Australia' featuring Aquinas Crowe and supported by the Yiriman Project, was announced the WINNER of the 2011 Reel Australia Short Film competition at the Australia Day Presents event at Luna Park, Sydney on Sunday 23 Jan, 2011

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Most Recent Entries

  1. 'The Courage to Dream' by Susan Williams , QLD

  2. Mateship by Peter Dunn , NSW

  3. My Reel Australia Day – “... by Ruki & T.C.COOMBES. (TCP) , NSW

  4. Something Australia by Aquinas Crowe , WA