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Reel Australia 2010/2011

Congratulations to all Reel Australia entrants, for their outstanding contribution to the national discussion on 'Who We Are' as a nation. The ADCNSW would like to thank everybody who entered and voted in the Reel Australia Short Film Competition.

  1. 'The Courage to Dream' by Susan Williams, QLD

  2. Mateship by Peter Dunn, NSW

  3. My Reel Australia Day – “... by Ruki & T.C.COOMBES. (TCP), NSW

  4. Something Australia by Aquinas Crowe, WA

  5. I Am LOU by Mary Pehrson-Line, NSW

  6. Reel People by Jane Barrow, NSW

  7. The Signal Man by Kurt Sorensen, NSW

  8. Matilda by Marit C Skarstein, NSW

  9. In the Blink of an Eye by Adam McLeod, NSW

  10. Thoughts from Down Under by Tom Wong, NSW

  11. SOME LIKE IT COLD by Nick Obrien, NSW

  12. There's No Place Like... by Ruby Ruff-Lander, NSW

  13. Be A Man by David Blumenstein, VIC

  14. Portrait of an Australian... by Peter Szilveszter, QLD

  15. When The Chips Are Down by Kieran Williams, NSW

  16. A City Wakes Up by Simplified Productions, VIC

  17. ....wish you were here by Edie Kurzer, VIC

  18. Welcome by Calzak Bowen, VIC

  19. A celebration of Australi... by Ernest Hojilla, NSW

  20. Music Video: The best pla... by Alicja Borciuch, NSW

  21. Our Home by Christine Lennon, NSW

  22. The Lucky Dunny by Peter Driscoll, NSW

  23. The Palace by Human Productions, NSW

  24. Chaemin Goes To School by Emmanuela dos Santos Dias, WA

  25. The Real Beach by Brodie Rocca, QLD

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