Reel Australia 2010/2011

Congratulations to all Reel Australia entrants, for their outstanding contribution to the national discussion on 'Who We Are' as a nation. The ADCNSW would like to thank everybody who entered and voted in the Reel Australia Short Film Competition.

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  1. In the Blink of an Eye by Adam McLeod, NSW

  2. Be A Man by David Blumenstein, VIC

  3. A celebration of Australi... by Ernest Hojilla, NSW

  4. Music Video: The best pla... by Alicja Borciuch, NSW

  5. The Real Beach by Brodie Rocca, QLD

  6. True Blue Grit by Tom McKeith, NSW

  7. Tumble and Tramp Mania by Shelly Lewis, NSW

  8. Celebrating As One by Patrick Mazzolo, NSW

  9. Queenslander, A day at th... by Jay Mitchell, QLD

  10. People In The City, Peopl... by Shane Brouwer, NSW

  11. Spirit of the Aussie Batt... by Adrianne Wood, NSW

  12. Australia is the Best by Jessica Coman, NSW

  13. Sunburnt Lips and Blood S... by Sheridan Dixon, NSW

  14. Back to Australias Future by Peter Pitman, WA

  15. The Fall by Anna B Rasztabiga, NSW

  16. Overhead Outback by John Douglas, NSW

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