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  2. Aussie Art 2013/2014
  3. Thank you Australia 2014
  4. Thank you Australia 2013
  5. Living Australian 2011/2012
  6. Reel Australia 2011/2012
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  8. Living Australian 2010/2011
  9. Living Australian 2009/2010
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Below is just a small selection of some of the great entries we've had in our previous campaigns. We hope these entries inspire you to get out there and create your own photos or films just as spectacular as these.

Little Aussie Songster

  1. Boxing Day Test Match Ant... by Briony Campbell, NSW

  2. We are high 'Koala-ty' - ... by Talisha Opalniuk, NSW

  3. HOWZAT!!! Australia's gam... by Kerri Boyes, NSW

  4. Singing Kookaburra by Stephanie Rose Milostic, NSW

  5. Robert Townson Stars by Sarah Cosis, NSW

Aussie Art Competition

  1. People from around the wo... by Jacob Cacciola, NSW

  2. Australia is a great plac... by Summer Dowling, QLD

  3. Uluru by Carissa Ella Hamilton, VIC

  4. Beautiful Birds by Sequoia Griggs-Bufton, NSW

  5. Uluru by Will Sanson, NSW

Living Australian 2011/2012

  1. Australians make their ma... by Melissa Whelan, NSW

  2. ...we will remember them. by Jennifer Turner, QLD

  3. Tin City Shack by Yan Budihartoko, VIC

  4. Free at last by Alan Delmas, QLD

  5. Fire Breather by Sarah Watson, QLD

Reel Australia 2010/2011

  1. The Real Beach by Brodie Rocca, QLD

  2. The Palace by Human Productions, NSW

  3. Be A Man by David Blumenstein, VIC

  4. Welcome by Calzak Bowen, VIC

  5. Something Australia by Aquinas Crowe, WA

Living Australian 2010/2011

  1. Aussie Lifesavers by Craig Parry, NSW

  2. Redbacks by Ursula Cameron, California

  3. Australia Day enjoyment by Andrew McIntosh, NSW

  4. Airy Loo by Ronald Atkinson, NSW

  5. Youth by M Cliff, NSW

Living Australian 2009/2010

  1. Leap Of Faith by Kerryn Leworthy, QLD

  2. 4-year-old meets 40,000-y... by Jens Korff, NSW

  3. Wollongong Harbour Swimme... by Dean Dampney, NSW

  4. You can take the girl out... by Carol Beattie, NSW

  5. Surf on Mars? by Ben Grozier, NSW