Spirit of the Aussie Battler

Reel Australia 2010/2011
Reel Australia Short Film
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The man flying a kite on Ocean Beach expresses the spirit of the Aussie battler, as he wrests the kite under control, working with the forces of the strong wind that may be heard roaring along the beach. The wind tosses the kite like adverse forces that may wreck the Aussie dream, but in true Aussie battler spirit the man is not daunted by the challenge but calmly uses what he has and what it takes to get the situation under control. The man flying the kite expresses the Aussie love of the out doors and the Aussie spirit of adventure. He is dressed in casual clothing which represents the attire of other people enjoying the beach, and any Australians enjoying leisure time out doors, i.e. shorts and T shirt. The magnificent red kite soars into the air drawing the viewer’s eye to the beautiful panorama of sea and sky that Australians feel so lucky to be able to enjoy in their leisure time. A magnificent red kite rests on the beach, appearing monumental and looking a part of the beautiful panorama, like the typical Aussie who appears so at home on the beach