Wheels to Waves

Reel Australia 2010/2011
Reel Australia Short Film
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It is true. I believe we are still "The Lucky Country". We LOVE our wide open spaces from the bush to the sea. We work hard and party harder... we value our free time and spend it holidaying or shopping .. and drinking (sometimes too much). We LOVE to SPEND and can be found in malls, markets, factory outlets and any retail precinct - if there's a bargain to be found, we'll track it down! Summer is our favourite time of the year and we love to spend our weekends going to the beach and catching up with our friends. When we've worked hard all year it is about heading off to our favourite holiday spot and spending time with the family. We also LOVe those spontaneous holidays where we just decide to go at the last minute and jump on a plane or head off in the car somewhere - just to break the monotony in our live and escape for awhile. We also LOVE fashion and good food and love to know where the hotspots are, latest trends, where to go etc. We know where to find the best cafe/restaurant.