Be A Man

Reel Australia 2010/2011
Reel Australia Short Film
Submitted 3:22PM, 03 December 2010 28 Comments

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We are Australians, and we like doing things the hard way. Unless there's an easier way, and then we do that instead.

This film celebrates the ingenuity of the Aussie man, who can create anything he sets his mind to. Especially if it's a coffee table made out of a cardboard box.

Comments on David's Entry

  1. 1

    Maik Hempel

    Deliciously funny. Hope it wins!
    01:19 PM
    04 December 2010
  2. 2

    System Administrator

    wish i had a piece of glass, to eat my quiche off
    02:20 PM
    04 December 2010
  3. 3

    Ann-Marie Denham

    Vote for this and show that Australians have a sense of humour!
    02:41 PM
    04 December 2010
  4. 4

    Benjamin Drake

    We would've won the bid to host the World Cup if this was our pitch.
    11:24 PM
    04 December 2010
  5. 5

    Katrina Mathers

    Oh bloody hell, now I'm searching the house for things to making coffee tables out of. God damn it I don't want to be a man. Funny. Definitely should win.
    01:44 PM
    05 December 2010
  6. 6

    Katrina Mathers

    PS Can I "like" Benjamin Drake's comment.
    01:45 PM
    05 December 2010
  7. 7

    justin heazlewood

    This has put menimism back 20 years.
    03:01 PM
    05 December 2010
  8. 8

    Maik Hempel

    Can I just "like" Benjamin Drake?
    11:55 PM
    05 December 2010
  9. 9

    Kelly Lynagh

    I vote for manly coffee tables
    09:49 AM
    06 December 2010
  10. 10

    David Oakley

    @ozblokewithglasstoppedcoffeetable my glass topped coffee table was white, so i painted it black. #beaman
    11:00 AM
    06 December 2010
  11. 11

    Arran McKenna

    Marvellous. Just Marvellous. And Australian.
    01:30 PM
    06 December 2010
  12. 12

    Viv Abitia

    Brilliant! I had no idea, but it totally makes sense. We can now finally all be men. Hoorah!
    02:19 PM
    06 December 2010
  13. 13

    Michael Pemberton

    Now I just need to find the perfect piece of glass.
    06:35 PM
    06 December 2010
  14. 14

    Adam W

    Actually, an upside down coffee table with a piece of glass over it would be really cool.
    06:42 PM
    06 December 2010
  15. 15

    Chris Downes

    If you win, you should make a coffee table out of the trophy!
    06:44 PM
    06 December 2010
  16. 16

    Katrina Mathers

    I'd like to "like" Chris Downes' comment also
    09:23 PM
    06 December 2010
  17. 17

    Bill Cooney

    How cool would a series of Australian icon coffee tables be? Harbour Bridge + Sheet of glass. Flinders Street Station + Sheet of glass. Storey Bridge + Sheet of glass. Uluru + Sheet of glass. Barrier Reef + Sheet of glass, etc...
    06:50 AM
    07 December 2010
  18. 18

    Benjamin Drake

    Would it count if you just laid a sheet of glass on the floor and put your coffee on it?
    12:37 PM
    07 December 2010
  19. 19

    David Blumenstein

    No. Then all you've done is put coffee on some glass. Bill has the right idea. Some Tassie artist is going to make buckets off coffee tables that look like the Harbour Bridge carved out of Huon pine.
    02:16 PM
    07 December 2010
  20. 20

    Adele Thomas

    If you get a stocky pitbull terrier and stick a sheet of glass on it, you could have an aggressive mobile coffee table...I hearby vote for David's entry and say it is the best and a clear winner.
    02:15 PM
    08 December 2010
  21. 21

    Michael Sandford

    This is way better than looking at a piece of wood. Not necessarily 'manlier' but it's still pretty great.
    07:58 PM
    08 December 2010
  22. 22

    Wendy Rawady

    Ha ha how darn true! Very witty.
    03:04 AM
    09 December 2010
  23. 23

    fran dennitts

    Definatley should win!!! brilliant, inspired idea!
    07:50 PM
    09 December 2010
  24. 24

    David Blumenstein

    Is that Fran who we met in Manly about six years ago? Hi Fran!
    09:58 AM
    10 December 2010
  25. 25

    Ewan ARNOLDA

    That is go great I love it.
    07:16 AM
    21 December 2010
  26. 26

    elisa hunter

    yes yes yes love it!! witty and smart... hope you win!
    09:49 AM
    01 January 2011
  27. 27

    mary rose camenzuli

    That's Champagne. Very well done.
    02:58 PM
    04 January 2011
  28. 28

    Pat Laba

    Love it!
    01:35 AM
    16 January 2011