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Who We Are


Who We Are

The vision of the Australia Day Council of New South Wales is to inspire national spirit and enrich the life of the nation. The Council encourages Australians to reflect and discuss what our national identity and culture is every day, not just once a year.

Each year, the Council runs a national marketing initiative based on Australian identity and culture to encourage interaction amongst Australians about who we are and our shared values. 

AUSSIEVAULT® is the home for these campaigns and is a collective voice of ‘Australia by Australians’.

The Council is proud to have worked with many well known Australians who help in encouraging people to share their views and participate in these campaigns. Campaigns have driven commentary, photography and film creative through the website.

Aussie Fan

This year in the lead up to Australia Day, we are asking all Australians to show and share why they are a fan of this great nation.

The Aussie Fan campaign celebrates what makes people excited and passionate about Australia.

We plan to tell the story of what is loved about Australia by Australians. Submit your picture and message to the Aussie Fan website and join Australia’s biggest fan club.

From one fan to another, we hope you get involved!

Little Aussie Songsters competition

Little Aussie Songsters competition

In celebration of Australia Day 2015, we are inviting all primary school aged students to salute to Australia by singing and submitting a short video of themselves singing the first verse of the national anthem, ‘Advance Australia Fair’.

The Little Aussie Songsters competition creates a unique opportunity for primary students to participate in a fun and easy way which celebrates the Australian spirit.

The stakes are high with the overall group winner scoring a visit from the Voice 2014 winner Anja Nissen to their

Anja Nissenschool for a classroom sing-along, while the overall individual winner will be off on a 9 Night Explore the Loyalty Islands P&O Cruise for two adults and two children.

Plus, individual winners for their age division (Kindergarten to Year 2, Year 3 to Year 4 and Year 5 to Year 6) will be lucky enough to each win a 16GB IPad Mini with a Lego Creative Suitcase.

The Little Aussie Songsters competition closes on 14 February 2015 and is supported by P&O Cruises and NewsLocal.